Phoebe Peng | Newcomer Artist Mentor

July 05, 2022

Award winning HIYA- International Painting The First Prize Artist

Phoebe Pei Ting Peng, whose 10 years of experience in the jewellery industry.
An self-taught artist, a mom, a Taiwanese lives-in Hong Kong.

As an artist trained in Gemology, whose has an intrinsic connection with quartz but also a lucid comprehension of quartz's structure as an external observer.

Quartz can pass the electromagnetic radiation of ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light in a certain wavelength range. But what we see with our human eyes is just a tiny part of them. That's forcing me to think about what is reality.

Title:                                  Size:                          Material :

Title : An abyss will help you to be a better woman.

Size: 20 cm X 20 cm

Material: Lazulite, White Quartz, Sliver Foil. 

About the Artwork: It is representing the issues women face today. All different personal identities are just like swirling in the air. “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Title : Maldives 

Size: 30 cm. 

Materials: White quarts, Citrine, Silver Foil, Freshwater Pearl, Mother of Pearl

About the artwork: The taste of the sea, the sound of waves, the energy of the art.  

Title : Mars

Size: 30 cm

Material: Rose Quartz, Gold Foil, Amethyst.


Title: Keep something to yourself

Size: 30cm

Material: White Quartz, Citrine


Title: Inner Power

Size: 30 cm dimension

Story: Ideals are ready in us, you are easy to be who you were envisioned to be.


Title: Phytoncide

Size: 20 X 20 cm

Material: White Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Peridot, Gold Foil