Philip Gold | Chief Artistic Officer | Evangelist

July 05, 2022


Co-founder of APAC Culture and Creative Industries Alliance and Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council. Philip has dedicated his life to luxury design, retail, and support for creators and artists for more than two decades. 

After graduating from the School of Design at PolyU, he embarked on his design journey to visual merchandising in Lane Crawford and Dickson Concepts. Philip was awarded perspective's 40 Under 40, recognizing his devoted efforts in the field of art by starting up his own pop-up gallery LaiWingMan / Gold Hub / Asian Gold / Philip Gold Curations / The Orient.

He successfully gathered more than 100 designers and artists under four pop-up concepts with over 50,000 square feet of the shopping area and organized over 50 on-site marketing and promotional events. 

He has perfectly combined creativity and business sense together. His achievements are very diverse and full of imagination. He has inspired and mentored many Asian designers and created showcases for them.

His amazing works include but are not limited to:

  • Pop-up showcase events
  • Charity | Business Event Production & Management
  • Cultural | Art event | Exhibition Curation  | Sales 
  • Media | Public Relations 
  • Fashion Event | Exhibition Concept Design | Production 
  • Brand Innovation | Execution | Sales | Marketing
  • Space Design | Interior Styling | Deco 
  • Movie Production | Launching