Z008 | Ebook : 5 Secret Strategies to Create A New Retail Experience (PDF)

Fueled by the epidemic, the rapid development and growth of e-commerce has also affected the sharp decline in physical retail store sales and even resulted in waves of closed stores.
  1. How should physical retail respond?
  2. How can it remain relevant?
  3. What is the purpose and value proposition of physical retail?
  4. What can we do to attract customers in new ways?
  5. Is there a more impactful and cost-effective solution?

This is "not" a market research report.

It is a very practical and cost-effective strategy toolkit that can help shape your current retail business into a new, highly relevant retail savvy mindset and make it profitable and sustainable.

We put forward observation insights based on years of experience and provide solutions designed from the customers' perspective to result in a thriving and move sustainable retail industry.

It also includes highly practical action points, checklists and worksheets to sense and relevance test your brand through reading, and brainstorming with your company teams. Outputs are structured plans to deliver substantial improvement to your physical retail shop’s performance.

With this book you'll learn how to build a new retail experience with 5 strategies:
  1. Redefine the membership loyalty system and set up a paid membership system which customers want to be a part of.
  2. Build a full retail ecosystem instead of ‘Omni channels’, including pop-up stores and create an impact in the community with online, offline, personal channels, and diversified business operations.
  3. Developing new formula for the brand, with ten modern brand values and more emotional connections, not only creates a lifestyle surrounding the brand but also strengthens and reinforces its own brand image.
  4. Design a gamified customer experience to drive uptake, engagement, and loyalty.
  5. Think global and act local, following the trend of decentralization of new retail.

Chienie has successfully implemented and advised on these five winning tactics to meet new customer demands and has built and advised on building a healthy sustainable retail business through customer insight.

About the Author: Chienie Tsai
Chienie is an all-rounded international executive and serial entrepreneur combining an arts and business background. Over 25 years of experience in retail/wholesale business management for well-known luxury brands, including Fendi, Dior, and Piquadro. She was recognised by LVMH Watch & Jewelry Asia Pacific as the best in sales management and was a Winner of Asia's Promotion Marketing Awards. She has established and opened more than 200 points of sale in 45 cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Her expertise is focused on:
  1. Designing and implementing solutions based on customer experience journeys
  2. Establishing retail ecosystems incorporating physical and digital
  3. Creating new brands with targeted brand strategies
  4. Refining existing business models incorporating international market expansion